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Leather Care

How should I care for my leather?

How can I remove blue ballpoint pen from a pale coloured leather handbag?

Black stains are coming off my leather handbag and marking my clothes! What can I do?

My denim jeans have left a colour stain on my cream leather handbag - what can I do about this?

How can I protect my white leather car interior from stains and scuffing?

I recently bought a pair of suede shoes and noticed a price sticker stuck to the suede when I brought them home. After removal some stickiness has remained on the suede and will not come out leaving a dark spot as some dirt has stuck to the stickiness. What can I do?

Can I call on an expert to sort my leather problem?

I was told by a shop not to store my leather handbag in a wardrobe as it needs to breathe, is this true?

How do I protect my suede shoes?

How can I tell if the leather is pigskin?

The handbag is brand new and it has mildew all over it. How does this happen, is it typical and what can I do to remove it and prevent it from happening in the future?

International Shipping

Do you ship to my country?

What are my payment choices?

When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?

What is the return policy?

Order Status

Has my order shipped?

How do I change quantities or cancel an item in my order?

My Account

How do I create my account?

How do I edit my account information?

I forgot my password.

I received the wrong product.

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